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World War II on Zakynthos

“Life Will Smile” (Vimeo) is an interesting video about the amazing actions of the Zakynthos community during the Second World War to protect the island’s Jews. It was the only place in the whole of Greece where no Jews died; a monument in Athens pays tribute to this. Basically, the locals hid the substantially large Jewish community in the countryside and the Priest and Mayor of Zakynthos, when asked to give a list of the Jewish inhabitants, gave a list with just two names – his own and that of the Greek Orthodox bishop. When I first learnt of this by watching a documentary many years ago, I asked my local friends on the island about it, and they had no idea of what their parents and grandparents had done. There is something about this in the guide (page 47), and I also list various remains from that period that are found on some of the walks. (Gail Schofield)”

Earthquakes in the Canaries


“And it all looks so peaceful: view south over the El Paso basin to Cumbre Vieja, focal point for any eruption”

Since October 7th there have been a series of volcanism-related small earthquakes on La Palma, non of them noticeable by the population — as they are so deep (about 27km beneath the earth’s surface). While vulcanologists say this is very normal on an active island, they are meeting on a daily basis to keep an eye on the situation. On 10th October, some more quakes were noted near Tenerife — also not too bad, but one of them was 4 on the Richter scale.

Route clearing in Northern Portugal

Good news from our author on the ground in Northern Portugal, who writes:
“The sapadores florestais (firemen) who do the clearing of walking routes have been so busy with the fires this year – starting in March! – that they have had no chance before now to clear any footpaths. I went out this afternoon to check if the forestry team had started clearing the section of Walk 3 along the water channel. As you can see from the attached photo, they have been busy and in fact the whole of that section has now been cleared. The water channel is dry at the moment, but the walk is do-able again!”