Turkey: Antalya to Demre, with walks



by Michael Bussmann, Gabriele Tröger, Brian and Eileen Anderson, Dean Livesley

A really authoritative and well written guide. Lots of handy tips and useful information and a world apart from the more run of the mill mainstream publishers. The cartography is excellent too, and there are some excellent walks and itineraries. (SB, Amazon)

If you decide to discover Lycia on your own, this definitely is the guide to pack. It is full of handy information about food, drinks, bus lines, phone numbers and area codes, opening hours and fares. For the hiker there are those precious hints about what to look for and how to get there. Bonus is a list of useful words in Turkish. (LB, Amazon)

This is a practical guide that helps the reader discover the fantastic landscapes around Antalya and Eastern Lycia… definitely a good investment. (BC, Amazon)

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Turkey Antalya DemreThis guide book — the only general guide in English to cover this part of the Turkish Coast in detail — is an ideal companion for motorists who want to tour Antalya by car, as well as those planning a holiday walking in Turkey. The book combines the best features of our ‘Landscapes‘ walking and car touring guides with all the detail you would expect in a hefty general guide, but it is pocket size and in full colour. Coverage includes getting there and getting about; recommended accommodation, campsites and restaurants (all with prices); practicalities A-Z; history; 15 main walks with many variations, all with large-scale topo maps; fold-out area map; large-scale town plans showing locations of all sights, hotels and restaurants; plans of historical sites; and many ‘feature’ panels.

The main part of this book concentrates on the area west of Antalya, known both in antiquity and today as Lycia. The whole Lycian Peninsula takes in a very large area; this guide concentrates on the region between Antalya and Demre/Kekova, east of Kas. (The other two guides in this trilogy move west from Kas — first to Dalyan and then to Bodrum.)

All the authors have been visiting Turkey for many years, writing general and walking guides. Dean Livesley was one of the original developers of the famous Lycian Way, Turkey’s first long-distance footpath, and a key feature of this book is coverage of the Lycian Way as day walks, with full transport details.

Area covered: Focussing on Antalya, this book moves east as far as Alanya and west to Demre/Kekova; highlights include Termessos and Olympos.

Many correspondents tell us their knowledge of the geography of Turkey is very limited and want to know which resorts are covered in each of our guides. Here is a simple map showing the locations of the principal towns within the three regions covered by our Turkish Coast titles.

map of Turkey

To check if a specific resort is included in one of the books, check the book’s contents or index on Amazon’s ‘Look Inside’. If you are unsure of the locations of smaller resorts in relation to the areas covered in our guide books, please refer to the maps appearing in tour operators’ brochures.

The best months for walking in Turkey or walking the Lycian Way are April, May, September and October.

Where to stay

For ease of access to bus services, stay in or near one of the towns shown on the map below. If you are hiring a car, choose any resort near the main coastal road.

map of Turkey

Edition/contents etc

184 pages + touring map
Town plans: Antaya, Antalya Old Town, Kemer
Site plans: Perge, Aspendos, Termessos, Phaselis, Olympos, Limrya, Arykanda
15 walks, each illustrated with large-scale (1:50,000) topo maps
2nd ed, 2012; ISBN 978-1-85691-426-0; UK retail price £14.99 / USA retail price $19.99

Table of contents:

IMPORTANT: Place names in Turkey often contain characters with accents, which are not included in western European fonts. Accented characters such as these often appear incorrectly when viewed on the web and if used may be replaced by unrecognizable symbols when viewed on a different computer. Accented characters in the place names shown here have therefore been replaced by characters without accents. However, in the book, the appropriate font has been used to ensure that all place names appear with the correct accents.

Preface 5

Turkey in facts and figures 10

Introduction 12
When to go 12
Getting to Antalya 12
By air 12
By car, train 13
Getting around the Antalya region 14
By car or motorcycle 14
By bus 16
By Fez Bus 17
By dolmus, taxi, train, ferry, bicycle, hitchhiking 18
By chartered boat, organised tour; ‘Blue cruises’ 19
Walking 20
Accommodation 23
Food and drink 26
Practicalities A-Z 33
Ancient sites – the most important terms, Beaches,
Books for background reading, Chemists 33
Children, Climate and weather, Consulate/embassies,
Crime 34
Currency 35
Dress, Electricity, Festivals and holidays 36
Flora and fauna 37
Gays and lesbians, Import and export regulations 38
Information about Turkey, Inoculations, Internet access,
Invitations 39
Islam 40
Maps (large-scale), Medical care, Music and belly dance 44
Newspapers and magazines, Opening times, Police,
Post offices, Prices 46
Shopping and bargaining 47
Sites and museums 48
Sport and leisure 49
Telephone 50
Time, Toilets 51
Travel documents, Turkish 52
Women 55

History 56

1 antalya 63
Town plan 66-67
Plan of old town69

Duden Waterfalls 82
Kursunlu Waterfalls 82
Walk 1: Kursunlu Waterfalls 84
Perge (with site plan) 86
Sillyon 89
Aspendos (with site plan) 90
Zeytintasi Cave, Belek 92
Walk 2: Aspendos · Belkis · Serik 93
Koprulu Canyon, Alarahan 96
Walk 3: Koprulu Canyon 97
Walk 4: Alarahan · Alara Castle · Alarahan 100

Beldibi Cave 103
Karain Cave 103
Saklkent 104
Guver Canyon 104
Walk 5: Guver Canyon 105
Termessos (with site plan) 107
Walk 6: Termessos via the ancient trail 114

Town plan 121
Walk 7: Kemer · fire-watch station · Camyuva 125
Walk 8: Goynuk’s old trail 127
Walk 9: Goynuk · Saricinar Cayi · Goynuk 131

Kesme Valley to Ovacik 134
Walk 10: Sapandere from the Kesme Valley 136
Phaselis (with site plan) 140
Walk 11: Camyuva · Phaselis · Camyuva 142
Walk 12: Ascent of Tahtali Dagi (Mount Olympos) 145
Beycik 148
Ulupinar 149
Cirali 149
Walk 13: Olympos · Cirali · Yanartas · Ulupinar · Olympos 152
Olympos (with site plan) 156
Walk 14: Olympos – Musa Dagi (lost city) loop 158
Cavuskoy 163
Adrasan Bay 163
Karaoz 165
Kumluca 165

Inland from Finike 168
Limyra (with site plan) 168
Arykanda (with site plan) 171
Elmali 172

7 DEMRE (KALE) 174
Kekova and Simena 178
Walk 15: From Ucagiz to Simena 180

Index 183
Fold-out area map inside back cover

Guidebook index

IMPORTANT: Place names in Turkey often contain characters with accents, which are not included in western European fonts. Accented characters such as these often appear incorrectly when viewed on the web and if used may be replaced by unrecognizable symbols when viewed on a different computer. Accented characters in the place names shown here have therefore been replaced by characters without accents. However, in the book, the appropriate font has been used to ensure that all place names appear with the correct accents.

Adrasan (Bay) 7, 159, 163-165
Alara Castle 96, 100, 102
Alaharan 96, 100, 101, 102
Andriake 177-178
Antalya 63-81, 65, 72, 74, 78
town plan 66-67, 69
Arykanda 8, 172
plan 171
Aslanbucak 136-137, 138-139
Aspendos 7, 90, 91, 92, 93, 95
plan 91

Belbidi Cave 103
Belek 49, 92
Belkis 93, 95
Beycik 145, 146, 148-149
Bugrum Bridge (Koprulu Canyon) 97
Burc Castle 180, 181

Camyuva 125, 126, 142, 143, 144
Cavuskoy 163
Cirali 1, 149-152, 153, 155, 164

Demre (Kale) 7, 27, 174-178, 175
Duden Waterfalls 82, 83
Duzlercami Milli Parki 105, 106

Elmali 172-173
Finike 166-173, 167

Goynuk 127, 130-131, 133
Guver Canyon 104, 105, 106

Kale see Demre
Kale Koy (see Simena) 181
Karain Cave 103
Karaoz 165
Kekova (Island) 178-179
Kemer 119-124, 123, 126, 136-137
town plan 121
Kesme (Valley, Gorge, River) 134, 136-7, 139
Kilise Yakasi 158, 159
Kocadere Stream (Koprulu Canyon) 97, 99
Kopru River (Koprulu Canyon) 94-95, 97, 98
Koprulu Canyon 96, 97
Kumluca 165
Kursunlu Waterfalls 82, 84, 85
Kuzdere Kopru (Roman bridge) 135, 136-137

Limyra 57, 168, 170

Musa Dagi 158, 159, 161
Myra 177

Oluk Bridge (Koprulu Canyon) 97, 99
Olympos 7, 30, 152, 153, 155
Mount see Tahtali Dagi
National Park 7, 8, 135-165
Site 156-162, 159
plan 156
Ovacik 134

Perge 86, 87, 89
plan 88
Phaselis 7, 141, 142, 143,
plan 140

Saklikent (skiing area) 104
Sapandere 136-7
Seljuk Bridge 94-95
Serik 93, 95
Sillyon 89
Simena 178, 180, 181, 182
Saricinar Cayi 130-131, 132

Tahtali Dagi (Mount Olympos) 128, 145, 146, 147, 148
Taurus Mountains 37
Teimiussa 181
Termessos 7, 107-118, 110, 112, 114-115, 117
plan 108

Ucagiz 180, 181, 182
Ulupinar 149, 152, 153, 154, 155

Yanartas(eternal flames) 151, 152, 153, 155

Zeytintasi Cave 92

Current update

TURKISH COAST: ANTALYA TO DEMRE, published 2012; updated 13/06/2012

Updates for walks and all general information given below supplement those provided in the guidebook. It is vital that this Update is read in conjunction with the text of the book, but note that the Update applies only to the edition stated and not to any earlier editions. (If you have an older edition of this book you can “upgrade” to the latest edition at half price.)

Information has been forwarded to us by users of the book, and Sunflower Books offers the data in good faith but cannot be held responsible for any misleading or inaccurate content in the Update. Unless indicated otherwise, what appears here has not been verified by the author or publisher, so please allow due caution when new or amended routes are suggested. Each piece of information is dated; bear in mind that some of the older observations may have since been overtaken by events or further changes. If, during your holiday, you are using the current edition of the guide and are able to provide any additional updating to add to this page, we will be pleased to hear from you. Please send information, preferably by e-mail, to info@sunflowerbooks.co.uk.

Lycian Way: This was not in as good condition as we expected. We did not find your “easy” walks particularly easy underfoot and the waymarking was erratic. (User)

Walk 6, Termessos, some waypoints sent in by a user (WGS 84)

Waypoint TR_Trm_01_mainroad N36.98579 E30.56185
Waypoint TR_Trm_02_fishfarm N36.95792 E30.51241
Waypoint TR_Trm_03_fork-upw N36.96903 E30.48375
Waypoint TR_Trm_04_bend-E N36.97105 E30.47596
Waypoint TR_Trm_05 N36.97498 E30.46980
Waypoint TR_Trm_06_ridge N36.97393 E30.46890
Waypoint TR_Trm_10_gate N36.98286 E30.46568

Walk 12, Tahtali: Did this ascent 12 June in hot but intermittently cloudy conditions which made it do-able. II was very nervous of doing the walk because of advice that it was only for very fit very experienced walkers and only in settled fine weather so I picked up an unplanned personal guide at Yesil Yayla. We had a great day and took the cable car down. But to get to the point: the path from the saddle to the summit is clear, waymarked and cairned, and did not seem to conform to the description in the book. (User, 6/13)

Walk 14 Olympus – Musa Dagi. The start was difficult to find just past Limon Pensiyon, that almost appeared blocked, though as we went on to find the route so difficult most probably is the case. We found the markings behind the woooden hut and up into the trees at the point 1h10 fallen pine trees the route was nearly impassable as lots of trees had fallen due to a fire 2 years ago the vegetation that had grown was dense and thorny. We eventually came out on a track that we consider must be new, though we found the flashes again and assumed we had picked up the route in the book again, I don’t think this is the case as the ground doesn’t fit with the book and we lost the route again by the shepards hut as the signage was unclear, We think new tracks have appeared to remove wood. And suspect that the route from the valley has a different start point due to all the fallen trees. We eventually picked up the route back down to Olympos after some hunting for flashes. The route took us 7hours, so you may wish to advise people not to use this route for the time being until someone is able to do a new recce. Also when we got back to Olympos there is no signage and if you did the route in reverse it would be difficult to find the start, you have to cross the river bed, and the government have put up a high fence that cuts off the route from the signage for the Lycian way that has been put up! A compass is essential! We stayed in an excellent small hotel in Cirali, Hotel Canada clean, lovely garden with a small swimming pool, very good food and pleasant staff. If you want to add another one to your guide. (User, 9/11)

New walk at Alanya Castle suggested by a user: Walk up the road either from the port or the car park at the bottom of the entrance road.From the castle entrance head back down the road.Take the first path on left to restauraunt pass this to a T junction.Go left following yellow dots down path and join cobbled road encountered on way up at some shops.At a wisteria covered shop on left turn left on footpath.Continue downward following yellow marks. At T junction halfway down bear left and continue down and left heading north.When you reach several diverginbg tracks head slight right toward housing and road seen ahead. At T junction with road end sign turn left and then right down a concrete steps to road; cross this and down more steps to road and left to car park. (User, 6/12)