Walking in Southern Cyprus


Landscapes of CYPRUS: walks and car tours

by Geoff Daniel

I like the way the walks link in with the car tours. The different levels of difficulty and alternative suggestions for walks made this a very flexible book to use and an excellent guide for exploring Cyprus. (Roma, Amazon)

Having always been a reader of Lonely Planet and Rough Guides I was curious to see how the Sunflower guides compared in terms of information and ease of reading. Very pleased to find a travel guide packed with useful information backed up by clear and easy to understand mapping, something that I have felt lacking in the other travel guides mentioned. It is clear that the authors have a detailed first hand knowledge of the locations they are visiting and this comes across throughout the book. (AC, Amazon)

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Cyprus LandscapeWalking in Southern Cyprus or exploring Cyprus by car is an experience to treasure for a lifetime — or, as the Cypriots put it, ‘Once been, never forgotten’. You can stroll for miles along the southeast coast or hike through the woods in the famous Troodos Mountains (stopping for lunch at one of the trout farms). But in recent years most walkers are exploring the ‘far west’ — the Akamas Peninsula, now a nature reserve, where the Tourism Organisation has established some fine nature trails. (In all, there are 52 nature trails on the island, some short and easy, others very demanding.)

Area covered: Greek (southern) Cyprus; North Cyprus is not included, except on the touring map (where place names are shown in Turkish). (Sunflower has a separate guide for North Cyprus.) Cyprus is a large island; the drives and walks radiate from three main bases: Pafos (Paphos), Lemesos (Limassol) and Larnaka (Larnaca).

The best months for walking in Cyprus are March to June and September/October.

Walkers keen to know more about Cyprus and try some walks beyond the scope of this book may like to visit cypruswalks.net. This site, run by Mark and Jane who spend much of the year on the island, is updated frequent (at least annually, which is far better than most other “non-professional” websites!). They check our Sunflower walks, but they also go further afield. And their website makes clear the date when they have last checked a walk, bravo!

Where to stay

The highest concentration of walks is in the Troodos mountains and between Pafos and the Akamas Peninsula.

Edition/contents etc

6 car tours, 55 long and short walks, 15 picnic suggestions
136 pages + touring map; plans of Lefkosia, Pafos, Lemessos, Larnaka, Ayia Napa; large-scale (1:50,000) topo maps
7th ed, 2016; ISBN 978-1-85691-482-6; UK retail price £12.99 / USA retail price $18.00

Table of contents:

Preface 5
Acknowledgements; Books 6

Getting about 7
Plans of Lefkosia, Pafos, Larnaka, Lemesos,
Ayia Napa 8
with exits for motorists, bus and service taxi locations

Picnicking 14
Picnic suggestions 15

A country code for walkers and motorists 19

Touring 20
Pafos · Coral Bay · Peyia · Kathikas · Drousseia ·
Prodhromi · Lachi · Baths of Aphrodite ·
(4WD options) · Polis · Skoulli · Stroumbi · Pafos
Pafos · Yeroskipos · Kouklia · Pano Arkhimandrita ·
Dhora · Arsos · Omodhos · Episkopi · Kourion ·
Petra tou Romiou · Pafos
Pafos · Polemi · Kannaviou · Stavros tis Psokas ·
Dhodheka Anemi · Cedar Valley · Kykko Monastery ·
Panayia · Chrysorroyiatissa Monastery · Statos · Pafos
Pafos · Asprokremnos Dam · Nikouklia · Phasoula ·
Ayios Yeoryios · Kithasi · Kedhares · Ayios Nikolaos ·
Pera Pedi · Saittas · Platres
Lemesos · Trimiklini · Platres · Troodos · Kakopetria ·
Galata · Peristerona · Lefkosia · (Stavrovouni Monastery)
· Lemesos
Larnaka · Hala Sultan Tekke · Kiti · Dhromolaxia ·
Kalokhorio · Pyrga · Stavrovouni Monastery ·
Kophinou · Larnaka
Larnaka · Dhekelia crossroads · Phrenaros · Dherinia
· Paralimni · Protaras · Cape Greco · Ayia Napa ·
Xylophagou · Larnaka

Walking 41
Waymarking and maps 41
Where to stay 42
Weather 44
What to take 44
Walkers’ checklist 45
Nuisances      46
Photography 46
Greek for walkers 47
Organisation of the walks47
1 Troodos · Chromion · Mount Olympus · Troodos 49
2 Troodos · Makrya Kontarka · Troodos 52
3 Troodos · Caledonian Falls · Platres 53
4 Troodos · Makrya Kontarka · Mesapotamos
Monastery · Platres 56
5 Psilon Dhendron · Pouziaris · Psilon Dhendron 58
6 Trooditissa 60
7 Madhari Ridge 62
8 Pera Pedi · Ayia Mavri · Koilani · Pera Pedi 65
9 Stavros tis Psokas 67
10 Cedar Valley and Mount Tripylos 69
11 Circuit from Ayios Neophytos 71
12 Around Kathikas 73
13 Kissonerga to Coral Bay 74
14 Lara Beach 76
15 From Drousseia to Ayios Yeoryios 77
16 Avagas Gorge 80
17 Khapotami Gorge 82
18 Circuit from Alekhtora 86
19 Fontana Amorosa coastal path 89
20 The ‘Aphrodonis’ trail 91
21 Akamas gold 94
22 Kritou Terra and Terra 96
23 Miliou · Theletra · Miliou 98
24 Alamanou to Governor’s Beach 101
25 Kellaki to Yermasoyia 103
26 Mount Makheras 108
27 Stavrovouni Monastery 110
28 Around Cape Kiti 112
29 Ayia Napa · Cape Greco · Protaras 115
30 Ayia Napa to Profitis Ilias 119

Service taxi and bus timetables 121
Index 134
Fold-out island map inside back cover

Guidebook index

Adonis nature trail 17, 23, 91-3, 94-5, TM
Agiasmata nature trail 25, 73
Akamas Peninsula 42, 43, 68, 70, 76, 77, 80-1, 91, 92-3, 94, 95, TM
Akoursos 16, 25, 73
Alekhtora 17, 27, 82, 85, 86, 88
Androlikou 24, 81, 94, TM
Aphrodite nature trail 17, 91, 92-3, 94, 95, TM
Aphrodite, Baths of (Loutra Aphroditis) 17, 22, 23, 24, 89, 90, 91, 93, 94, 95, TM
Aphrodite’s Rocks 26-7, 121
Arsos 26
Artemis nature trail 15, 49, 50, 54-5
Asinou 34, 35
Asprokremnos Dam 31
Aspros Potamos (river) 76, 78-9
Atichoulli Gorge 30
Avagas Gorge 24, 74, 76, 77, 78-9, 80, 81, cover
Ayia Napa (Agia Napa) 18, 38, 40, 42, 48, 115, 116-6, 118, 119, 121
town plan 13
Ayia Ekaterina (church, near Drousseia) 97
Ayia Mavri 64, 65, 66
Ayii Pateres (shrine, near Pano Arkhimandrita) 26, 82, 83
Ayii Saranta (cave church, near Protaras) 18, 116-7, 119, 120
Ayios Dhimitrios 54-5, 60
Ayios Ioannis (church, near Protaras) 116-7, 119
Ayios Leonidos (church at Perivolia) 112, 113
Ayios Minas (church, near the Smiyies picnic area) 24, 94, TM
Ayios Neophytos (monastery) 25, 71, 72, 121
Ayios Nikolaos (west of Platres) 31
Ayios Nikolaos (north of Ayia Napa) 35, 39
Ayios Yeoryios (north of Pafos) 22, 24, 46, 76, 77, 78-9, 80
Ayios Yeoryios (southeast of Pafos) 31, 35
Ayios Yeoryios Alamanou (monastery) 35, 101, 102

Caledonian Falls 15, 52, 53, 54-5, 58
Cape Arnauti 91, 92-3, TM
Cape Greco 38, 39, 40, 115, 116-7, 116-9
Cape Kiti 112, 113, 114
Cedar Valley 21, 28, 69, 70
Chromion 49, 50, 51, 54-5
Chrysorroyiatissa (monastery) 28, 30
Coral Bay 22, 24, 46, 73l ,74, 75, 75, 76, 80, 121

Dhekelia 27, 38-40
Dherinia 38, 39
Dhiarizos Valley 31
Dhodheka Anemi 16, 28-9, 68, 69, 70
Dhora 26, 32
Dhromolaxia 36-7
Doxasi o Theos nature trail 62-3, 64
Drousseia 17, 22-4, 43, 77, 78-9, 96, 97

Episkopi 26-7
Evretou Dam 30

Famagusta 38-9,
Fasli 24
Fig Tree Bay see Protaras
Fontana Amorosa 89-90, 93, TM

Galata 33, 35, 52
Governor’s Beach 35, 101, 102

Hala Sultan Tekke (mosque) 34, 36
Horteri nature trail 28, 67, 68

Kakopetria 33, 35, 42, 121
Kalokhorio 36, 37, 108
Kambi tou Kaloyerou (picnic site) 54-5, 60
Kannaviou 28, 30, 67, 69
Kathikas 16, 22, 25, 43, 73, 96, 99, 100
Kato Arkhimandrita 82, 83, 85, 86, 88
Kato Arodhes 22, 25
Kato Theletra 23, 25, 98, 99, 99
Kedhares 31
Kellaki 103, 104-5
Kermia Beach 18, 115, 116-7, 118
Khapotami Gorge 17, 27, 82, 83, 85-7, 88
Khoulou 30
Kionia (picnic site and nature trail) 108, 109
Kissonerga 22, 24, 74, 75, 121
Kiti 18, 36-7, 112, 113, 114, 121
Kiti Tower 113
Koilani 64, 65
Konnos Bay 116-7
Kophinou 36-7
Kornos Forestry Station 33, 36-7
Kouklia 18, 26-7, 32
Kourion 26-7
Kritou Terra 23, 93, 97
Kryos Potamos (river) 15, 16, 52, 53, 54-5, 58, 59, 65
Kykko (monastery) 28, 29, 32, 121
Kyparissia (peak) 103, 104-5, 106
Kyperounda 16, 35, 62-3, 63, 64

Lachi 4, 22-4, 43, 48, 89-90, 121, TM
Lagoudhera 62-3
Lakko tou Frankou 86, 88
Laona (area) 6, 22, 73, 100
Lara Beach 6, 16, 21, 24, 76, 78-9, 78-9
Larnaka (Larnaca) 36-7, 38, 40, 42, 48, 101, 110, 112, 121
town plan 11
Lefkara 35
Lefkosia (Nicosia) 5, 6, 30-3, 35, 42, 121
town plan 8-9
Lemesos (Limassol) 32-3, 33, 35, 42, 48, 121
town plan 12-3
Lyso 30, 67, 68, 69

Madhari Ridge 16, 62-3, 63, 64
Makheras (monastery) 108, 108-9
Makrya Kontarka 15, 52, 54-5, 56
Mallia 32
Mandria 26, 32
Mavrokolymbos Dam 16, 22, 74, 75, 75
Mesapotamos (disused monastery) 16, 54-5, 56, 57
Mesoyi 25
Miliou 18, 23, 98, 99, 100
Mount Adelphi 1, 16, 62-3, 64
Mount Makheras 21, 108, 108-9
Mount Olympus 15, 33, 35, 42, 44, 49, 50, 51, 54-5, 56
Mount Tripylos 16, 28, 69, 70
Moutti tis Sotiras (plateau) 91, 93, 94, TM

Nea Pafos 22
Neokhorio 17, 23-4, 94-5, TM
Neradhes (valley, stream) 98, 99
Nikitari 34, 35
Nikouklia 31
Nissi Beach 38-9, 40

Odou 20-1
Omodhos 26-7, 32

Pafos (Paphos) 5, 6, 22-32, 42, 43, 47, 121
town plan 10
Pakhna 26, 27
Panayia Angeloktistos (church at Kiti) 37, 112, 114
Panayia tou Araka (church near Lagoudhera) 62-3
Pano Amiandos 35, 52, 54-5, 56
Pano Arkhimandrita 26, 32, 82, 83, 84, 85
Pano Panayia 28, 30, 113
Pano Theletra 98, 99
Paralimni 38-9, 121
Passia’s Meadow (picnic site) 33
Pedhoulas 32, 42, 122
Pera Pedi 16, 31, 32, 64, 65, 66
Peristerona (near Lefkosia) 33, 34, 35
Perivolia 112, 113, 121
Persephone nature trail 52, 54-5, 56, 58
Petra tou Romiou (see also Aphrodite’s Rocks) 26-7, 121
Peyia 22
Phasoula 31
Phini 54-5, 60, 61
Phinikaria 104-5, 106-7
Phrenaros 38-9
Pissouri 27, 82-3, 121
Pissouromouti (peak) 94, TM
Pittikopos 77, 78-9
Platania 33
Platres 6, 8, 16, 31-2, 33, 42, 47, 53, 54-5, 56-7, 58, 121
Polemi 28
Polis 22, 23, 121, TM
Pomos 121
Pouziaris (plateau) 54-5, 58-9
Prodhromi 22-3, TM
Prodhromos 32, 42, 54-5, 121
Profitis Ilias (church at Protaras) 39, 116-7, 119, 120
Protaras (also called Fig Tree Bay) 38-9, 42, 115, 116-7, 116, 117, 118, 121
Psilon Dhendron 16, 33, 52, 53, 54-5, 57, 58-9
Pyrga 36-7
Pyrgos tis Rigaenas 17, 92, 94, TM

Saittas 16, 31, 32, 33
Selladi tou Stavrou nature trail 28, 67, 68
Skoulli 22, 23, 46, 97
Smiyies nature trail (and picnic site) 17, 22, 24, 92, 93, 94, 95, TM
Statos 28, 30
Stavros tis Psokas 28, 30, 32, 43, 67, 68, 69, 70
Stavros tou Agiasmati (church) 62-3
Stavros tou Kratimaton (church) 28, 29
Stavrovouni (monastery) 18, 33, 35, 36, 37, 42, 48, 110, 111
Stroumbi 22, 25

Tala 71
Teisia tis Madaris nature trail 62-3, 64
Temple of Apollo 27
Terra 23, 96, 97
Throni 29, 30
Timi 26
Trimiklini 33
Trooditissa (monastery) 54-5, 60, 61
Troodos (village) 5, 14, 15, 33, 35, 42, 47, 49-53, 54-5, 56, 56-8, 121
(mountains) 2, 14, 15, 16, 31, 32, 33, 35, 42, 44, 47, 49-50, 51, 52, 53, 54-5, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61
Tsada 30, 71

Xylophagou 38, 40
Xylotimbou (picnic site) 38-9

Yermasoyia 18, 35, 103, 104-5, 121
Yermasoyia Dam 104-5, 106-7
Yeroskipos 26, 34, 132
Yiolou 98, 99, 100

Current update

Cyprus, 7th Edition (2016), updated 19/01/2017

Updates for walks and car tours (drives) on Cyprus given below supplement those provided in the guidebook. It is vital that this Update is read in conjunction with the text of the book, but note that the Update applies only to the edition stated and not to any earlier editions. (If you have the 5th or an older edition of this book you can “upgrade” to the latest edition at half price.)

Information has been forwarded to us by users of the book, and Sunflower Books offers the data in good faith but cannot be held responsible for any misleading or inaccurate content in the Update. Unless indicated otherwise, what appears here has not been verified by the author or publisher, so please allow due caution when new or amended routes are suggested. Each piece of information is dated; bear in mind that some of the older observations may have since been overtaken by events or further changes. If, during your holiday, you are using the current edition of the guide and are able to provide any additional updating to add to this page, we will be pleased to hear from you. Please send information, preferably by e-mail, to info@sunflowerbooks.co.uk.

NB: THIS BOOK COVERS SOUTHERN CYPRUS ONLY; for north Cyprus see ‘Walk & Eat North Cyprus

GPS TRACKS: Free tracks for 6 of the walks are now available as a download. See the ‘Overview’ tab for details.

Walk 17: We followed the circular walk for motorists. At the 2h05min-point it is not clear that the path to follow is actually the grey gravel path, not the path that turns sharp left. The grey path is farther on. We followed the sharp left path, there are no farm buildings anywhere about and ended up in a thunder storm near the pylons! When we came back down and walked on to find the right path, the only bit of farm building is a red grain hopper. Also the stony path which cuts off the corner is very loose and not to used after rain unless you are very sure footed… (User, 4/16) • We’ve recently walked this route and we couldn’t see  (p85) any gates to walk through. We suggest that the walk might more usefully be described as on our website, viz: “The track, which by now is high up above the gorge, turns left out of the gorge itself and levels out above a different valley. There is a small pine tree offering a little shade on the bend out of the gorge – a good place to grab some water! There is now some fairly straightforward contour walking, first along the valley side, then through a vineyard and olive grove.
The track passes through a small clump of pine trees and you arrive at a junction with a small gravel road. Turn left here and follow the road uphill heading towards an electricity pylon that you can see above you in the distance.
This section of the walk is deceptively difficult. Whilst it looks like a (comparatively) simple stroll uphill, there is no shade at all, the gravel road soon deteriorates into a rough earth track and the brow of the hill (for which you are headed) is further away than at first seems apparent. In fact, from the moment you step onto the gravel road you can expect to walk for a good 25 minutes before you experience the blessed relief of a step downhill. This is no joke on a hot day!
After passing the electricity pylon on your left,there are a couple of junctions as you come close to the brow of the hill and you need to make sure you take the correct turnings. In both cases, you are effectively looking to stay on the main track.
You will reach the brow of the hill. There is nothing to specifically distinguish this high point – a mere bump in the track and a sense of briefly levelling off before beginning to head downhill. 
In fact, you are now heading back down into the Arkhimandrita valley and in a few metres, if you look down to your left across the valley you will see Kato Arkhimandrita far below. It may seem a long way off but, following the earth track downhill and keeping the wind turbines in sight ahead…you should arrive back at the four-way crossroads and the ford.” (Mark and Jane of www.cypruswalks.net, 10/16) + Khapotami Gorge, circular walk. We attempted this before wet weather really set in and most of the problems with mud and puddles were on the wide tracks going down into the gorge. The boulders at the bottom of the gorge were wet and muddy but there was a higher patch that a vehicle had driven over which gave us a drier section so we managed it without mishap. At 2hr 05 there are no longer two gates in the vineyard, we could see one but it was not across the track and there seemed to be no sign of the other gate.  Looking at the map and the topography we realised we needed the track up to the second pylon from the left but we could not see any building on the left of the track.  There was possibly a building further on in the trees but this could only be seen once you were higher up.  By using a combination of the book, the map and the description and photos from Cypruswalks we found the right path. Higher up things got rather confusing again as there appears to be a number of left and right tracks towards the crest of the hill.  We continued on up and then suddenly found the tree in the photo supplied with Cypruswalks’ instructions.  Cairns did not really help here as they were all over the place. We eventually found the right track but the shortcut to avoid the bend was rather battered and scoured by the recent storms so we stayed on the concrete road back down to Kato Arkimandrita and the car. (User, 1/17)

Walk 22 alternative walk – Drouseia Circuit. We wanted a walk that was mostly on roads as there had been thunderstorms so we chose this one. You do not need to go down to the open air theatre, just look at it as you pass. We extended this walk by continuing past the modern chapel and going up to the outskirts of Pittokopos where there is a shelter with a picnic table (50 minute point of walk 15).  The views from here are exceptional both east and west.  After admiring the views and maybe a snack, retrace your steps to where you joined this quiet tarmac road but continue on up the hill, past an army post on the nearby summit (Agios Georgios).  After a little while you come to the outskirts of Ineia (according to the sign).  You have a choice here, continue on this road to Ineia and then follow the road back to Drouseia or turn left here into Drouseia, eventually crossing the precinct of the church and turning left back down to the car. (User, 1/17)

The following are suggestions for new routes, not corrections to the current edition:

New walk: Vaouni Panagias Trail (9.8km) European Long distance trial path E4 – on page 23 in the handbook from the CTO . We found an excellent new circular route of reasonable length which was on the whole very well sign posted. Little risk of getting lost. Starting point is opposite the cultural centre near the church in Pano Panagia village. Take a steep concrete road which climbs steeply up the hillside before turning to the right when the road starts to level off after 20mins or so (turn off is sign posted, although sign is pointing between the road and the turn off). Follow a well sign posted stony route which is narrower (4x4s use it) which winds up and around the hillside until it passes below the partially completed Vouni fire lookout station (small detour). Follow the well signed posted level track which passes through vineyards with south east views to the Troodos, before gradually turning and descending to come down the other side of the mountain. Choice of two tracks one to Panagia Chrysorrogiatissa monastery. This passes through countryside before ending rather unsatisfactorily at the concrete turn onto a main road. Turn right along road and reach the monastery which is visible and then follow the road into Pano Panagia village. The alternative choice leads directly to Pano Panagia village which we did not do. (User, 5/11)

Additional “short” walk: Before or after visiting Ayios Yeoyios (north of Coral Bay) it is possible to explore the Aspros Gorge. Take the turning off the Ayios Yeoyios road at Namos Snack Bar (see map page 78). Park at the end of the tarmac on the right or on a little and up left. The track can be followed across the gorge (on an old or new bridge) and onwards, or before crossing the gorge an indistinct path goes up at the end of a dry stone wall and left enabling exploration along the top of the gorge past some farms. (User, 4/12)

From a user in January 2017: We thought others might benefit from some less muddy walks, especially with the recent weather there. We couldn’t do either of the Aphrodonis trails and even the Smigies was a bit slippy. Although we had rain every day we were lucky we didn’t get too wet.  We hear they’ve closed off roads to Troodos due to snow. Below are some ideas:

Variation for walk 22 Kritou Tera. Cataracts and Waterfalls. We wanted a walk that was not too muddy, this one we found is mostly on concrete.  We found it best to access it from the opposite direction to Kritou Tera as, although we went through the village a number of times in the car, we often took the wrong turning. Access :  From the B7 Paphos to Polis road heading north take the road on the left just after the sign to Akourdaleia, signposted Agia Ekaterina (mentioned on p97, but no longer a ruin).  Drive up the winding road past the monastery (the road swings right here) and continue on until just past a left hand bend there is a sign on the right to the waterfalls.  There is space just before the sign to park off the road without obstructing any fields, although you may have to turn round as you will probably have already passed the sign.
Take the very steep concrete track down the side of the valley, crossing to the other side and following the signposts.  Ignore a track coming in from the left and after a little while you will reach a fork signposted left (straight on) to the waterfall and right to the cataracts.
Choose the right turn and drop very steeply to the river where there is a shady picnic area.  There is a monopatia signposted Tis & Yis to the left of the bridge but in December it looked rather overgrown and muddy so we didn’t explore it.  To the left of the picnic area is a wide earthen track which again we did not explore but it looked promising, if muddy at the time.
After admiring the pools retrace your steps past the remains of a water mill up to the fork and then take the road to the right signposted waterfall.  To our disappointment we discovered that this is just a viewpoint as the waterfall cannot be reached from this side of the valley.  However on the other side of the river to the left we could see steps with a handrail going down into the gorge, hence our suggestion that someone needs to explore the monopatia and the wide track from the picnic site.
The concrete road ends at the waterfall sign but the earth track goes round the hillside following the contours.  Keep straight ahead and the track eventually returns to concrete and starts to wind its way up the hill towards Kritou Tera.  Tera can be seen in the distance and the road between the two villages comes into view.  You are walking between fields here.
Pass a sign pointing left to the waterfall which could be a shortcut (we suspect if you follow this you will end up back at the first track that came in to your left and have to climb back up to the car).  Then when you come to a T junction cross the road and look behind you to see a sign to the waterfall facing you on the right hand wall pointing back the way you have come (a good sign you haven’t got lost).  You need to turn left here, up towards Kritou Tera.  More houses appear as you approach the village and pass the metal grating and small chapel mentioned at the beginning of walk 22 but going in the opposite direction.  After exploring the village (which appears to be closed in winter) follow the signs to the left by the church to the museum and Agia Ekaterina.
Head out of the village on the tarmac road, past new villas and crumbling ones, going downhill and crossing to the other side of the valley until you reach the car.
Of course you could do this the other way round or park in Kritou Tera although both of these options end with a climb!

Picnic walk. To Agios Savvas from F616 – 2.5km each way
Access:  Between Agios Georgios and Prastio heading from Asprokremmos Dam towards Mandria there is a small sign to Agios Savvas Monastery which is on the eastern side of the valley.  There are two tracks here, the right hand one appears to be part of the old road so you can park here or go down the main concrete road a little and park there.
Follow the concrete road downhill as it winds a little to the left then crosses over the Diarizos river.  You will see the chapel of Agios Mammas to your right but keep straight on at the crossroads just after the river crossing as there is no access to the chapel from the right hand path.
The road swings up behind the chapel, which is small but worth a visit and with good views down the valley.  Continue along the road which now winds its way up into the hills.  Stay on the main track which for a time becomes earthen.  As you approach the monastery the road surface improves and splits in two, the right track goes up to the monastery.  The buildings are ruined but the church is intact.  Use the door opposite the large tree to access the church and use the tree trunk seat to enjoy your picnic.  The other track continues towards the F612 between Mousere and Pano Archimandrita if you want to continue exploring.
(User, 1/17)



GPS files

GPS files for use with Landscapes of Cyprus:
GPS files for six of the walks in the book were sent to us by an enthusiast.

Download GPS files for Landscapes of Cyprus

Note: While these GPS data have been recorded in 2007 and checked by Sunflower in good faith, no warranty as to their accuracy is given or implied. It should be noted that these files are compressed and will need to be expanded using Winzip or Stuffit software. Use the above link to access the files.

There are .plt files (tracks only, no named waypoints) and .kml files (which can be dragged over Google Earth).

Mac users: The .kml files will open in Google Earth. To convert the .plt files for use with MacGPSPro, first download the (free) GPS Babel software at http://gpsbabel.sourceforge.net. At the window “Quick Babel”:

1) select the file to convert

2) choose “OziExplorer” as the input

3) choose “GPX XML” as the output.

When all these files are saved,  reopen them in MacGPSPro and re-save them in tab-delineated format (the default). They are then ready to transfer to your GPS.

Here are a few notes on the files

Walk 1: The track appears as described in the book

Walk 16: This is a much longer track than the walk described in the book. The user says “We walked from Agios Georgias right up the Avagas Gorge. It’s barely a scramble and quite do-able. When we emerged from the gorge we wandered a bit then we followed the track running WNW toward (but not as far as) Lara Restaurant and back along the beach.”

Walk 17: This is the circular walk for motorists, “starting at Kato Arkhimandrita and diverting to Alekhtora in a (fruitless) search for a cold beer.”

Walks 20 and 21: These tracks do not specifically follow the routes in the book. The user says “We went to the Akamas Peninsula doing (different) figure-of-eight walks from the baths of Aphodite using parts of Walks 20 and 21. The link between the 2 paths that leads NE to the mines is quite badly wrong on the map in your book, and the two paths running N and W from Pyrgos share a route for some distance.”

Walk 23: This is the walk in the book; the .kml files (for Google Earth) show two extraneous diversions to the west (due to an error in the text); the .plt files have been edited to omit these diversions.