Walking in Paxos


Landscapes of PAXOS: walks and car tours

by Noel Rochford

Having used extensively Noel Rochford’s excellent guide, I would like to say that the book greatly added to our enjoyment and appreciation of Paxos and we were inspired by Mr Rochford's enthusiasm for the island. Yet further proof, if it is needed, of the value of this superb series. (JJ, Loughton)

I bought this book not expecting too much, either in the way of helpful hints or a usable map. What a surprise I had in store… the book has a list of useful advice, some very detailed and descriptive walk itineraries and a wonderful map! Having holidayed on other Greek Islands many times before we were aware of their reluctance to provide anyone with a usable map. Imagine the shock I had when I unfolded the map of Paxos and found that it compared almost exactly with the satellite image on google maps!! You also have the opportunity to update your book online… What a great idea. Definitely worth the money I paid for it and I will buy other titles in the series. (SA, Amazon)

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