Walking in Southern Tenerife



by Noel Rochford

We bought the book and used it to guide us as to where we should base ourselves on each island. I will do the same again when planning our next trip. All the book’s walks we did went very smoothly thanks to the excellent instructions, and accurate maps. On first glance, the maps in the books may look simple and lacking in detail, but what you find when using them is that … they actually have just the detail you need. By contrast we also took another guide to walking on La Gomera with us, and tried its walks on 2/3 occasions. Each time was a bit of a disaster thanks to misleading instructions and maps that ‘looked’ detailed, but actually didn’t tell you what you really needed to know. We quickly decided that for walking, Sunflower is the only way to go. (RN, Amazon)

I am the happy owner of 5 Sunflower guides, but this is my favourite. (Mark, Amazon)

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