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Route closures on Tenerife!

Tenerife route closures

We’ve just received the following update from a user regarding Tenerife (14/03/2015).

There have been serious rock falls in the upper Orotava Valley affecting Walks 5 and 6.

Walk 6 (‘Above Los Organos’) is closed by a substantial wooden barrier at the 45 minute-point (the “important junction”). Unfortunately we saw no indication at the start of the walk that anything was amiss, so we didn’t find out until we had climbed to this junction and had to come back down again.

Walk 5 was closed at the Choza Pedro Gil, by tape and “keep out” notices. This is a popular walk from La Caldera, and walkers were ignoring the closure. There is plenty of debris (and larger rocks) on the track, and the hillside above the Casa del Agua and approaching Llano de los Corrales looks very unstable and ready to fall. It would be highly dangerous in wet weather. There is a further official closure notice beyond El Topo.

There was no indication as to how long these closures would last, but if the whole hillside requires stabilizing it could be some time.

Tenerife adopts EU standard waymarking

Tenerife waymarking

In the last couple of years signposting and waymarking of walks on Tenerife has been brought in line with EU standards. At the same time, quite a few new trails have been opened. There are

  • red/white-waymarked GR routes (‘grandes recorridos’ – long distance walks),
  • yellow/white-waymarked PR routes (‘pequeños recorridos’ – short trails of up to six hours), and
  • green/white-waymarked SL routes (‘senderos locales’ – local trails up to a maximum of 10km long).

So there was no question about what to do in Tenerife during our Christmas and New Year’s holidays! The Seventh edition of Sunflower’s Tenerife guide was due for an update. Meanwhile we’d been getting conflicting reports from users about walk numbering … and about new trails criss-crossing our routes.

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