Dazer Dog deterrent; protects you from dogs; deters dogs; protection from dogs

Worried about the prospect of encountering ferocious-looking dogs whilst walking? For many years we have recommended this US-manufactured product in our guide books – it’s a great help in deterring aggressive animals. Originally, we stocked the Dog Dazer ourselves because many of our users had great difficulty in locating anyone to supply the product. However, over the recent past it has become available from scores of retailers (a web search for “dog dazer” will bring up dozens of suppliers) and our own sales have dwindled to a point where we no longer wish to buy in the substantial minimum quantity required by the importers. We are primarily publishers, selling books rather than hardware and with the Dog Dazer having become so readily available we have decided to cease supplying it ourselves. You can read more about the product on the web or use the link we provide here to go to Amazon’s web site and order from there.

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