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PRE-PRESS: For each book, we supply the complete text and cover on CD or DVD disk in the form of QuarkXpress 3.32 files plus TIFFs or EPS files of all illustrations and maps. Some form of colour proofs which accurately shows exact page areas, are required for each book. Note that all colour repro work is carried out by ourselves; we do not require a quotation for colour reproduction. Note that we do not supply books in pdf form – we require you to carry out conversion to pdf from the files we supply.

PRINTING: The series is uniform in format and was designed to print as three sheets SRA1 (or one and a half sheets of SRA0) 4/4. A book normally comprises 136 pages trimmed size 210mm x 100mm plus a fold-out map 4/4 size 21 x 42cm (which is printed as part of one of the SRA1 sheets then cut away). Note that this fold-out map prints with the text, it is NOT necessary to print it as a separate run.

PAPER: Text prints on 115gm Smooth Coated Cartridge or matt art, (i.e. similar to UK Fineblade Smooth). It is important that illustrations reproduce with a glossy finish. By this we do not mean a separate run to varnish, just good quality inks giving a glossy look to illustrations.

COVERS: Cover is printed 4/4 work and turn on 230gm double-sided art board, laminated 1 side after printing with 12 micron OPP.

BINDING: Books are bound sewn in 12pp sections OR thread sealed in 12pp or 16pp signatures, whichever you prefer. Perfect binding is NOT acceptable. (Thread sealed is preferred by us if available). Cover glued at spine, 6mm hinge, cut flush. A concertina-folded map size 210mm x 420mm is tipped inside the back cover, i.e. glued to the last page of the book. (Note that the books contain maps that run across double-page spreads and if the binding is too tight it can be difficult to read the centre part of such maps, so it is important that books open and lie flat easily.)

PACKING/DESPATCH: Packing is in cartons not exceeding 15kg in weight. Delivery of the bulk is to our distributor’s warehouse at Poole, Dorset, UK. A small quantity (10) of file copies is normally supplied to our Exeter and 2 file copies to our London office. Your price must include delivery to the warehouse; please do not quote “ex works”.

YOUR QUOTATION: Please quote: First printing, quantities of 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 also show 1000 run on. Note that most books have an initial printing of 2000 or 3000 but sometimes only 1000; longer runs are the exception rather than the rule. Your quotation must be in GB pounds sterling; we do not accept quotations in foreign currencies. Please ensure you submit your best price allowing for a high standard of quality: we do not negotiate over price – if you quote too high we will not be inviting you to reduce your price.

TERMS OF PAYMENT please state your payment terms and your estimated time for delivering completed books from receipt of CD and official order.
Overseas printers should quote prices that include carriage of the advance copies and should offer a collection service for original files and returned proofs using their own courier (which can be charged as an extra). Please note that under no circumstances do we make advance payments or any payment prior to delivery of the bulk supply of books. Whatever terms are agreed we adhere to, always paying by or in advance of the due date. We have an unblemished record for prompt payments to our suppliers.

Please access the following pdf file to view a complete book including cover and fold-out map.