A free pdf Sunflower guide… in exchange for a few minutes of your time!

Have you used any of our guides while on holiday? And are you a customer of amazon.co.uk? If so, you’ll know that product reviews are a key part of the Amazon service and of great importance to buyers. Sunflower is keen to encourage users of any of our books to submit more reviews to amazon.co.uk. (We don’t mind whether they are complimentary or critical — it’s individuals’ viewpoints that trigger discussion and more reviews.) You must have bought the specific book from Amazon, or they will not print your review. You can submit your review to amazon.co.uk (which is essential) or to amazon.com as well (if you are a customer of both). Please claim your free ebook within 3 months of submitting your review to Amazon.co.uk.

amazon-reviewIf you take a few minutes to submit a review to Amazon.co.uk of any Sunflower guide that you have used, we will send you a free pdf version of any current title. Note: this offer applies only to reviews that are posted on Amazon’s UK site (amazon.co.uk) in English. It does not apply to reviews appearing on amazon.com, amazon.fr or amazon.de. To submit a review, visit the Amazon web site www.amazon.co.uk and use the search window to find the page for the current paperback edition of the Sunflower guide you wish to review. (For ‘Landscapes’ titles just type in landscapes followed by the destination you used.) Make sure you locate the page for the latest edition. This is essential, because anyone looking to buy a book will obviously look at the latest edition, not old editions. Scroll down to the reviews section, where you will find a button marked ‘Create your own review’ (see example above).

Click on this, confirm you are age ‘over 13’ and rate the book anything from one to five stars. Then after giving your review a title, type your review into the box. Please write a review that is likely to be of help to anyone deciding whether to buy the book — it’s really not enough simply to allocate stars but leave no comments. NB: Most people looking at the Amazon site will look for the latest edition, so even if the edition you used was not the current edition, your comments are only likely to be seen if they appear on the page for the current edition. If you used an older edition, you can always make this clear in your review.

Your review should appear on the Amazon web site within a couple of days. Check that it has appeared correctly before e-mailing us at info@sunflowerbooks.co.uk stating that you have submitted the review and the book for which you have done this (if you use a pseudonym, please tell us what it is!). Tell us which book you would like in free pdf version and confirm the e-mail address to which it should be sent and we will then send you details of how to download the book you require. (You will need Adobe Reader to download the pdf version. If you do not already have it, visit www.adobe.com and click on ‘Get Adobe Reader’ to download the software free of charge.)

You can submit reviews for any of our guides, and you’ll be entitled to a free pdf download for each review that appears.