Turkey: Bodrum to Marmaris, with walks



by Michael Bussmann, Gabriele Tröger, Brian and Eileen Anderson, Dean Livesley

I’ve previously used other Sunflower guides so made sure to get hold of this one when travelling to the small coastal town of Akyaya. Many guides to Turkey are insufficiently detailed because it’s such a vast country, and even books devoted to specific areas have to cover a lot of ground. This guide was perfect for us, giving us ideas of things to do in Bodrum and what to see within a fairly easy journey time. The section on practicalities was especially helpful to us as first time visitors to Turkey, and the fold-out map was so much easier to use than conventional maps. (purplepadma, Amazon)

I used the whole series of Sunflower Turkish guides during my last year trip to Turkey, all are very informative and of special value to ‘walking’ travellers as they contain detailed maps and descriptions of the routes. (AG, Amazon)

I bought this book along with a ‘Rough Guide’ as we were visiting the Bodrum area for the first time. The Sunflower guide was by far more precise & superior. The walks were a good extra to have as well. We used the maps when driving around & were impressed with the candid view of the area. (Chris, Amazon)

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