Walking and Eating in Amsterdam


10 walks in Amsterdam, 1 walk near the Dune Reserve

by Cecily Layzell

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A guidebook to walking and eating in and around Amsterdam in the Netherlands, featuring 10 walks in the city centre and outskirts and another on the edge of the North Holland Dune Reserve, 40km northwest of Amsterdam.

Two excursions offer more possibilities for walking – one a 10km hike along an old sea dike and the other in the Hoge Veluwe National Park.

All walks are mapped in detail and include restaurant suggestions and recipes. We also feature information on markets, Dutch cuisine and seasonal foods.

When to go: The best months for walking in Amsterdam are during spring and summer, when temperatures are mild and the queues manageable. It goes without saying that eating out in Amsterdam is enjoyable all year round!

Printed book: £8.99 / PDF book: £7.00


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