Walking in Madeira


Landscapes of MADEIRA: walks and car tours

by John and Pat Underwood

A remarkable paperback which may have done more than any other to change the way its readers spend their holidays: this book single-handedly turned levada-walking into something approaching a craze. (Sunday Times)

We were greatly impressed with the detail, accuracy and comprehensiveness of the guide and with the research that obviously went into it. May I congratulate you on the best guidebook that I have come across. Despite having lived in, and visited, the Lake District over 60 years where there is a surfeit of guidebooks, I have not met your equal. (Comment from a user who told us that while working in Madeira in the 1950s he had explored the island relying on a pre-war map and his sense of direction; lately he had returned to the island for the first time in 46 years.)

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