Walking in Southern Tenerife


70 long and short walks and 6 car tours

by Noel Rochford with Jan Kostura

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This new 9th edition of Southern Tenerife and La Gomera has been carefully revised on the ground just prior to publication; for instance, it includes a map of the devastating fire damage on the cumbre dorsal in Tenerife.

We are pleased to have the collaboration of Jan Kostura on this new edition. He was on Tenerife during the fires and on Gomera subsequently, and he guides on both islands a couple of times a year. Thanks to him the Guergues walk, which was closed to walkers illegally, has been replaced by a new but similar route further north.

The maps were redrawn using OpenStreetMap source material with GPS tracking for the 8th edition. The printed maps show waypoints, and free downloadable GPS tracks are available for all the walks. Colour coding on the Contents page enables you to see at a glance the grading of various walks.

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