Walking in the Pyrenees


80 long and short walks and 12 car tours

by Paul Jenner and Christine Smith

We found your book on the Pyrenees while browsing for books to help us plan our walking holiday in the Pyrenees; it was pure serendipity! The book proved a godsend: helpful, informative and a wonderful guide to an area we did not know at all. (F&DN, Dunfermline)

The Sunflower guides are for me what makes or breaks a holiday… This guide is a ‘must’. To be absolutely recommended. How do they get so much into a guide that fits in your pocket! (AL, Amazon)

Pocket powerhouse: We rely on these books as one of the best sources of walking and touring information. They are simple, descriptive and easy to correlate with other maps and guides. They are all-round pocket powerhouses of information and save us lots of planning time. This was one of our first books and have since bought several more. (Kathryn, Amazon)

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