Zakynthos (Zante) with walks



by Gail Schofield

I searched everywhere. On the Internet, in libraries, in every bookstore that I could find, but although I found a lot of general guides on the Greek islands, they could only provide a small description of [Zakynthos] and all the common tourist attractions — water park, navaggio, carreta turtles, etc. Having the experience of Paris, when doing some walking tours in the old town was the best part of our trip, we searched for the same thing for Zakynthos, but weren’t really finding anything.

When this Zakynthos (Zante) with walks book opened its pages to us, it was all we are looking for, and even more. I think one of the best things about the book is that the author, Gail Schofield, lives there and knows the surrounding and also that she was a zoology student, so has insights on all the plants and animals that live on the island. A book on culture and architecture is a marvel in large cities, but on islands like Zakynthos, where the main attraction is its savageness, you need to know everything about the environment, beaches and life in general.

I skimmed the book preparing for our trip, and I found interesting the fact that it has hand-drawn maps of every walking tour, a thing that I haven’t encountered that frequently in travel books. The illustrations of plants and animals are also high quality but the best part of the book is the folding map at the end which is by far the most complete map I have found to date. It has all the walking tours and car tours on it so you don’t have to struggle planning them by yourself and if you go on the official site you can also download the GPS waypoints for the walking tours (that of course if you’re not to lazy to enter them yourself from the end of the book). I highly recommend this books to anyone visiting Zakynthos. (RP, Amazon)

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