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The Orchid season in North Cyprus

orchid season north cyprus

Brian and Eileen Anderson, keen botanists and authors of several Sunflower guides, are soaking up the lovely weather and walking in North Cyprus, their second home. They write:

“If anything brings delight to the eyes of a botanist, it is that dark red terra-rossa soil formed from the weathering of limestone under a hot Mediterranean sun. It holds the promise of a rich array of orchids and wild flowers alike. North Cyprus could easily have invented terra-rossa. The craggy Kyrenia Mountains in North Cyprus, once the home of castles, kings and crusaders, offers 160kms of limestone habitats — at least half of it north facing. With all the right elements in place, it can hardly fail to produce an abundance of orchids and wild flowers.

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Walking the Gecitkoy reservoir in Cyprus


Losing a good walk is irritating both for walkers and authors, but it does happen – all too frequently. Recently this was the case with one of our favourite North Cyprus walks, the circuit at Geçitköy Reservoir in our guide ‘Walk & Eat North Cyprus’.

For once the walk wasn’t lost because of landslips, resistance from landowners or the inconsiderate use of bulldozers – but for a reason which delights the residents … water!

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