New 2020 guides already published

CROATIA: Just a day or two before lockdown was announced, we brought out a new, enlarged guide to Croatia’s coast and islands. The author, Sandy Bardwell, rewalked and redrove every metre and mile of trail and road in the 24 months before publication (with 9 car tours and 90 long and short walks there was far too much to check in the 12 months prior to publication). The book is in our new wider format, with all new OpenStreet mapping and free GPS tracks.
Price £14.99 from bookshops, £12.00 as a PDF from our website

SPAIN: Three new guides to the Canaries ­— the ideal winter holiday destination — were published in March 2020: Gran Canaria, Tenerife and La Palma/El Hierro. All were rechecked and revised just prior to publication, all are in the new wider format with new OpenStreet mapping and GPS tracks available for free download.
Price £14.99 each from bookshops, £12.00 each as a PDF from our website

New guides for July 2020

The three books below are ready to go, having been finalised in the days before lockdown. We hesitate to print them now, when demand may be low,  but rather than sit on them — when you may be going and keen to have up-to-date information, we will make them available for PDF download by mid-July.

MALLORCA: This new 9th edition is almost doubled in size, with 6 car tours and 90 long and short walks, many of them new. Almost all the routes were rewalked/driven in 2019-2020. Naturally, the book is in the new wide format, with new OpenStreet maps, many new photographs, and free GPS tracks.
PDF price from our website £14.00

COTE D’AZUR AND EASTERN PROVENCE: This new 4th edition is in the new wider livery and offers free GPS tracks for all the walks. The walks and tours were all checked in the months prior to lockdown. This is an ideal guide for those of you preferring to avoid air travel.
PDF price from our website £14.00

MALTA: Also in the new wider format and with GPS tracks for every walk, this new 8th edition features government maps from the Malta Environment and Planning Authority and free downloadable GPS tracks.
PDF price from our website £13.00


And for those who prefer not to fly…

Travelling by train …

Eurostar to France is so convenient. May we suggest our £8.99 ‘Walk & Eat’ guides to Avignon (published in 2019) and Nice (published 2020, just before lockdown)? Both of these guides come with free GPS track downloads, but best of all, they are designed to be used with public transport, so you won’t need a car at all! Nor would you need a car in Switzerland, where our 2019 guide (£13.99) to the Bernese Oberland and Valais features walks easily accessed by Switzerland’s brilliant rail network.

Travelling by car …

The world’s your oyster. Either of the ‘Walk & Eat’ guides for France are ideal — but the PDF of Côte d’Azur and Eastern Provence mentioned above would be perfect — not a long journey from the UK and tours and walks that are bang up-to-date. But if you’ve the time, there’s no reason not to take in southern Spain (Andalucía, Costa Blanca, Costa Brava, Pyrenees), Italy (Dolomites, Cinque Terre, Sorrento, Amalfi & Capri) or even Slovenia … or … or …

We hope you’ll join us soon in the great European outdoors!