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Winter Flights from Heathrow to Gran Canaria

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As of 26 October British Airways will have a winter service from London Heathrow direct to Gran Canaria. It will be a weekly flight on Saturdays and will run until 29 March 2014. Fares start at £198.

The winter months are the ideal time to explore this captivating destination using Sunflower’s walking guide Landscapes of Gran Canaria. Every year millions of tourists flock to Gran Canaria, ‘the island of eternal spring’, to soak up the sun. But few of these sun-worshippers explore beyond the beaches.

The weather may be the island’s strong point, but by no means is it Gran Canaria’s only asset. A wealth of diverse landscapes and a wonderland of curious flora await the explorer. So special are these ecosystems, that almost half the island has been designated a nature protection or preservation area. It’s hard to believe that such a small island (1532 sq km/600 sq mi) has so much to offer. And yet it has often been referred to as a ‘continent in miniature’. Travel across Gran Canaria for a day, by car or on foot, and you will see for yourself! The view across the cumbre to Rocque Nublo seen in the photograph above is just one example of the stunning landscapes. (And that’s Tenerife, with El Teide mountain, visible in the distance.)

For car tours or walks in Gran Canaria there is no better guidebook than Sunflower’s Landscapes of Gran Canaria.