Walking in Lesvos


Landscapes of LESVOS: walks and car tours

by Brian and Eileen Anderson

An excellent guide – Walking in Lesvos was the first of the Sunflower guides I bought (I have since bought several more) and it really made a difference to my holiday in Lesvos. My husband and I did not hire a car on this trip, so we only used the walks but they were fabulous walks, taking in the whole variety of Lesvos scenery, off the beaten track but not difficult to get to, very well described in terms of geographical features along the way (so you don’t get lost), fitness level required and duration of walk. I now buy Sunflower guides for every holiday. (M.Kendrick, Amazon)

The drives and walks in the guide are very detailed and full of interesting and useful information regarding the landscape, buildings, where to stop for picnics and good swimming spots. Even without a car you will be able to get to Mytilene, the capital, by bus and do the Mytilene town walk and some of the museums. We did car tours 2 and 4 and enjoyed them both immensely. Skala Simanimias was particularly charming. The walks using ‘kalderimi’ (old donkey paths) are especially atmospheric. As usual the guide is very reliable. (H.Hogg, Amazon)

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