What’s new in Kefalonia?

Fiskardo Kefalonia

Brian & Eileen Anderson, the authors of Sunflower’s popular island guidebook, are heading to Kefalonia soon to research a new edition of “Walk & Eat Kefalonia”.

The authors would appreciate any comments from readers who’ve recently been to the island re restaurants and walks etc. We know ‘Kaliva Taverna’ in Skala is no longer living up to expectations, so that will definitely not appear in the updated edition of the book, but they are planning to look at ‘Socrates Taverna’ in Skala as a possible replacement. Is ‘Socrates’ still up and running and, if so, could it be recommended? Or, are there anymore recommendations Brian and Eileen could follow up in Skala or anywhere else, walking and/or eating?

The authors say that they are really looking forward to returning to Kefalonia mainly because it’s still relatively unspoilt and has a lot to offer Grecophiles. It’s one of their favourite islands. They love the walking there and sampling local Kefalonian specialities in the tavernas and the wine of course!

If anyone sees Brian and Eileen clutching a copy of  “Walk & Eat Kefalonia”, during the middle two weeks of September, do stop to say hello and swap notes.

“We look forward to meeting some of you and thank you to all those readers who write in with constructive comments, they’re much appreciated.”

The new edition of Walk & Eat Kefalonia will be published early in 2014.