Turkish Coast: Antalya to Demre


15 main walks with many variations

by Michael Bussmann, Gabriele Tröger, Brian and Eileen Anderson, Dean Livesley

A really authoritative and well written guide. Lots of handy tips and useful information and a world apart from the more run of the mill mainstream publishers. The cartography is excellent too, and there are some excellent walks and itineraries. (SB, Amazon)

If you decide to discover Lycia on your own, this definitely is the guide to pack. It is full of handy information about food, drinks, bus lines, phone numbers and area codes, opening hours and fares. For the hiker there are those precious hints about what to look for and how to get there. Bonus is a list of useful words in Turkish. (LB, Amazon)

This is a practical guide that helps the reader discover the fantastic landscapes around Antalya and Eastern Lycia… definitely a good investment. (BC, Amazon)

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